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Open Source Format

Success comes in sharing.  So, we are sharing this message platform to be successful with you.  If you value learning through letting go, please share your story with us.  You can contact me directly for an interview – please fill out form, or DIY it!  Its open source after all.

Here are the ground rules for DIY as of today.  As we fail, we will improve.  We have two models open today.  The three minute is for your personal story of Failure, Letting Go, and Success – in that order please.  The second is a topic you wish to explore with our community of like minded people.  One topic in one minute.

Here are the guidelines

We can accept a video file or a YouTube link etc….  You can upload to our channel too. Please be sure to sign the release document when you can. Standard Release

Let go together and make a success of it!