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Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial

Ron Lesniak and Stephen Pieraldi catch up after the interview.  Here they talk briefly on what keeps them up at night.  The entrepreneur fighting an idea from white space while the Entrepreneurial manager struggles to keep the idea alive.  It’s this balance that drives good people mad.  Mix them up at your peril.

Ron points out that making sure all the aspects of business are up and running are key to that early start.  The entrepreneur often leaves those details to fail. Stephen points out that without the raw passion to kickstart, you don’t have anything to manage.  There are many stages to business and knowing the difference between the critical first 3  is key.  Finding the right person for each stage is critical and takes some special self awareness.  Stephen knows he is good all the way to IPO, but he also knows it’s not what he has a passion for.

Knowing your role is key.  Even if you find yourself saying I can do that, you have to evaluate your core value.  Being a 10 as an entrepreneur is great.  Knowing you are most likely an 8 in entrepreneurship is how you choose who to find for your team.  And I am a 4 in terms a professional IPO CEO.  I don’t find joy in finding small fractions of efficiency to boost quarterly numbers.  I am keen on knowing how I contribute to that role but not own that role.  It’s critical to know you could do something, maybe anything, but also know enough to be honest with your failings and let go.

Letting go is critical.  Knowing yourself allows you to choose and let go along the way.  I know to let IPO CEO’s run the show to success, but I don’t expect them to start the next great thing.

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