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Do I need a technical Co-Founder?

Do I need a Technical Co-founder? No and Yes.

It may sound over simplistic to ask this question.  I still get it all the time which shows it’s not that simple.  Fact is, marketing ideas is a huge business.  Technical leaders and co-founders are critical for startup companies in technical fields.  But, only as long as there is technical development.  Many ideas start technical and then level off into a sales and marketing role.  Some technical ideas require constant care and feeding.  When that is true, then you must have a technical co-founder.  Many great companies were founded and grown to success by non-technical founders.  Steve Jobs being one of them.  While in the early days, The Woz did his part at the technical founder, Jobs looked for innovation to bring into Apple.  Later, he made his name on taking technical works of others to great heights.  Don’t limit yourself and fail due to the hunt for technical co-founders.

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