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Marketing is a 50/50 game

People will translate your words and message no matter what you intend.

Failure:  Picking the wrong word to represent your company’s core value proposition.  “Perpetuity” is a loaded word that often results in people saying’ “Impossible”.  After a long battle around that value, I discovered that no matter what I did, no matter how much I spent, and how many people agreed with me in the end, it was impossible to turn the translation around.  People will listen to you and then translate your message.  No matter what.  Be respectful of that.

Leaning: Fight for your basic thesis and don’t give in too early.  It  will result in failure.  It’s a fine line, but knowing the iPhone was going to be the future when it was launched did not help me sell the idea in a BlackBerry world.  So, instead of fighting that cause with my board, I let go too early and lost the market lead.

Two mistakes that cost me my future with IForem.  I learned a great deal.  I really thanks Scott and Rick for being such great supporters at Gabriel Venture Partners.

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